Educating the community is a primary focus of Himalayan HealthCare.
A village classroom

Our educational initiatives have three main components: community health awareness and literacy; training of local healthcare workers, and support for promising students.
Adequate nutrition and sanitation are the foundation of long-term disease prevention, and we work to establish basic understanding of these topics in our target communities. Since women have the primary responsibility for water collection, meal preparation and domestic hygiene, they are given special instructions about health and sanitation. We also organize literacy classes for villagers, and in 2003 we held ten literacy classes reaching over 300 students.
Our medical staff is working to train selected individuals in each village as community healthcare workers. These healthcare workers play an instrumental role in supporting the efforts of our Nepalese medical staff in addressing village healthcare and nutrition.
Many HHC donors have wanted to provide educational support for promising students in our target communities. HHC facilitates this by identifying candidates, arranging for their education, and paying for their schooling costs with donated funds.
If you are interested in supporting a student, please visit our student sponsorship page.

All net proceeds from the handicraft sales are used to fund primary health care, medical and educational projects, giving to those involved in the production process a sense of pride that comes by helping and sustaining many others, in even greater need than themselves.